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Supreme Tiffany & Co. Box Logo Tee White

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Supreme's box logo is one of the most iconic marks in all of fashion. Emblazoned on shirts, jackets, hoodies and hats, the box logo was influenced by the work of artist Barbara Kruger. Like many of the tools in Supreme's arsenal, it's a deceptively simple design with a lot of power. The box logo can show up as a part of in-house and collaborative designs. One of the most famous uses of this box logo is in a collaboration. The small box logo on the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Low in White/White-White and Black/Black-Black is a small touch. On one level, it's just a mild tweak on a classic shoe. As a design element, though, the box logo really sets that edition of the AF1 apart. A more recent example of the box logo can be seen in multicolor on Takashi Murakami's COVID-19 Relief Box Logo Tee in White.