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Crocs Classic Clog DreamWorks Shrek 0

Crocs Classic ClogDreamWorks Shrek

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The Crocs Classic Clog took an adventurous turn with the DreamWorks Shrek collaboration, released on September 13, 2023. This iconic footwear got a fairytale twist, boasting details inspired by our favorite ogre.

Coming in a swamp-inspired color scheme, this clog captures the essence of Shrek, merging greens and browns harmoniously. But what truly sets it apart? The toe box showcases the unmistakable Shrek nose and ear details, injecting a playful vibe and bringing out the magic of the animated classic.

What's really cool about this Crocs x Shrek design is the signature comfort of the Classic Clog combined with the enchanting allure of DreamWorks. Whether you're headed on an adventure around town or Far Far Away, these are the perfect fit. The Crocs Classic Clog DreamWorks Shrek collab dropped on September 13, 2023, and was initially priced at a magical $60.

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